Our History

  1. In the beginning

    In 2003, our founder Zack Barton cut his teeth as a graphic designer at a bustling Cleveland web design agency. Six years in, a high-profile client flew him out to San Francisco and offered him a job. It wasn’t long before a former colleague asked Zack if he’d moonlight for a new agency.

  2. Independence

    A wealth of exciting opportunities and Zack’s insatiable appetite for design inspired him to quit his Bay Area job and become an independent contractor. As he tendered his resignation, his employer asked if they could be one of his first clients.

  3. Time to scale

    Soon Zack had more work than he could handle alone, so he formed a talented team of developers and designers to provide expert design, development, marketing and advertising services on a larger scale.

  4. An agency is born

    The first iteration of Barton Interactive was born in 2014. Today, we’re a close-knit, bi-coastal operation: half of our team crafts our award-winning work at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, while the rest work their magic from California and Vancouver.

Our Culture

With both agency and brand experience, Zack understood the ethos he wanted to cultivate in his own company: inspired design and marketing solutions delivered with extraordinary customer service.

“We’re very serious about what we do, but we’re also very personable. Our clients are never just a number to us. We want to bring them along and show them how and why we’re doing what we do for them.”