Welcome to the New Barton Interactive

Welcome to the New Barton Interactive

Welcome to the New Barton Interactive

May 7, 2020 Zack Barton No Comments Business Design

Earlier this year, we celebrated Barton Interactive’s sixth anniversary.

We are amazed by how fast time has passed and incredibly thankful for the projects, clients, and milestones that have gotten our team and company where it is today. Over the years, our vision to provide excellent service to our clients has fueled growth for our company as well. And as our company grows and evolves, we’ve realized the Barton Interactive brand must also progress to accurately reflect our ambitions and values.

And so, we are excited to announce the rebranding of Barton Interactive. While we are updating our logo and look, our outstanding services, stellar team, and professionalism in all client interactions remain the same. As we seek to align our branding with our message, our aim is to underline the values and excellence that have driven us since we’ve been in business.

Why We’re Here

Since day one, our desire has been to stand out in the industry as veterans and experts in design, development, and marketing, with an emphasis on lasting client relationships.

Having a vision for providing award-winning service to our clients, we constantly remain in search of doing things a better way, aiming to grow and outdo ourselves in the services we offer.

2020 and Beyond

Our desire is to better reflect who we are and what we offer, from our creativity and expertise to our professionalism and service. Our mission is to provide high quality design, development, and marketing services to serve our clients and help their companies prosper and grow. The heart of what we do remains the same, and our updated branding seeks to clearly communicate our message and values.

Barton Interactive Logo

Barton Interactive Logo

Barton Interactive Branding and Identity

The New Logo

Representing the creativity and professionalism that we bring to those we work with, our new fully custom, hand-lettered logo conveys the warmth and expertise that we provide. It’s style aligns with our desire to bring unique, excellent, and relevant services to our clients.

The New Signage

This month, we have rolled out new signage for our storefront, seeking to more clearly communicate our brand direction. You’ll see similar updates across all our materials over the coming weeks.

The Message

Our core team members have remained the same since the beginning, taking pride in the values we adhere to in everything we do.

Quality: We strive to bring excellence to all our projects and clients, keeping watch over competitive landscapes and taking care to meet and surpass expectations. We aim to learn, grow, and better ourselves through the work we do.

Productivity: We work as unto the Lord, valuing efficiency and time management for clients. This is our responsibility. Our goal is to be as efficient and honoring as possible in our interactions, treating clients as we would want to be treated.

Character: We pride ourselves in doing what’s right and what we believe is best for each client. We value those we serve and take great care in maintaining a culture of honor among our team and with our clients. Our aim is to remain professional and relatable in our interactions while consistently making decisions with integrity.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for updates as we roll out our new branding, along with new resources and upcoming events. We’re regularly preparing fresh articles and have several upcoming workshops on the horizon. In the meantime, check out our latest articles, and consider staying current by joining our mailing list.

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