We Have Ignition

We Have Ignition

We Have Ignition

October 28, 2016 Zack Barton No Comments Business Web

Welcome to our new site -and- our new blog! After a few years with our last website, we began setting aside time late last year to work on a website redesign. It was time to update not only the look and feel, but expand the functionality and site architecture a bit as well.

We’re now on WordPress

Before today, the site was just several hand coded PHP pages. In a way, we loved this, but there was no content management system whatsoever. After much planning, we decided that the new site belongs in WordPress. This enabled us to have the blog, and a few other somewhat robust features we have working behind the scenes.

Expanded and Enhanced

If you’ve been to the old site, it likely seems intuitive to navigate the new one as well. That’s because we stuck with the same general site architecture. Rather than reorganize our pages, we focused our efforts on updating the design instead. Certain pages did get revamped and / or expanded though. “Our Work”, for example, has become more of a directory than a page now. Every portfolio piece now has its own page. The “About Us” page now focuses less on the first years of our business, and more of what we are today. And so on.

Recipes for Growth

That leads us to this new blog section. Be on the lookout for regular posts where we share our favorite recipes for business growth. Our blog will be focusing less on design and development, and more on growing businesses. Some of the topics we’ll be covering include:

▪ Welcome emails
▪ Website redesigns
▪ Abandonment emails
▪ and Holiday-specific marketing ideas

Thank You

So here you have it. Thanks for visiting our brand new website. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy browsing around.

To keep up, you may want to sign up for our new newsletter. And be sure to contact us if there’s ever anything we can help you with.