Holiday Preparedness Checklist

For many businesses, the fourth quarter of the year is the most important one. It can even make or break a businesses’ year in some cases. Whether you run an online store or not, these three steps should serve as a great way to prepare yourself for it all. 1. Find out what your competitors […]

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How to Use Your Analytics

So you’re just starting out with your new analytics account. Or perhaps you’ve had it for years and have no idea how to use it. You’re wondering “Do people actually use analytics? Who actually has time to sit down and do anything with all this?” You put it off, and days, weeks and months pass. […]

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Better Subjects. More Opens.

It’s rare if a week goes by that doesn’t include us crafting marketing email subject lines. Some of our customers write their own. Some instead rely on our staff to do so, because we take an awful lot into consideration when writing them. Why are they so important? Look at it this way. A lot […]

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We Have Ignition

Welcome to our new site -and- our new blog! After a few years with our last website, we began setting aside time late last year to work on a website redesign. It was time to update not only the look and feel, but expand the functionality and site architecture a bit as well. We’re now on WordPress […]

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