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The Challenge

Founded in 1990, Nutrex Hawaii sought out to bring the health benefits of microalgae to the world. Being located on the Big Island of Hawaii, their farm produces natural resources to cultivate their two main products: spirulina and astaxanthin. Fast forward to the present time, Nutrex is now selling vitamin supplements online to a growing niche target audience including world-class health-conscious athletes.

After hearing of us by word of mouth, Nutrex Hawaii reached out with a need for experienced email marketing assistance. Having been recently setup with an email service provider, they looked to fulfill a need to regularly design and develop mobile-friendly marketing emails with a very quick turnaround time. They needed to do this in a cost effective manner, and didn’t have the luxuries of strong email templates or pre-determined design standards.

Our Solution

Our team was happy to assist and worked diligently with Nutrex Hawaii to find creative ways to meet their need. For several years, we continued to assist the business, providing digital marketing design experience, and setting design standards and creating responsive email marketing templates that allow for high-performing email marketing campaigns with a quick turnaround time.

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