Footwear etc. Spring 2019 Catalog

  • Footwear etc. Spring Catalog
  • Footwear etc. Spring Catalog
  • Footwear etc. Spring Catalog

Known among the Internet Retailer Top 500, Footwear etc. is a comfort footwear chain headquartered in San Diego, California. A family run business that started as one store, they now have 12 retail locations along with a very large online store. They are old fashioned when it comes to the way they treat their customers, priding themselves on making people happy. With a dozen shoe stores throughout San Diego and the Bay Area, they are now celebrating over 30 years in the business.

In late 2018, Footwear etc. reached out for help in creating an all-new 36-page full color print & online catalog, built upon the complete redesign of their previous spring catalog. It features several unique page layouts, premium shoe brands, lifestyle photography, and accessories. Barton Interactive has done it again, working with Footwear etc.’s Director of Marketing, to craft another beautiful seasonal catalog specifically targeting Footwear etc.’s in-store customers.

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