New Year’s Email Inspiration

New Year’s Email Inspiration

New Year’s Email Inspiration

December 12, 2019 Zack Barton 1 Comment Business Design Email

Roundup: Three Appealing Emails to Serve as Inspiration for Your New Year’s Email Marketing Campaigns

Another year is coming to a close! Once again, it’s time to reflect on what we’ve done well and look forward to a new year with new opportunities. Why not refresh your email campaigns with a little updated style for the new year? In the midst of holiday hubbub, launching a top-notch New Year’s email campaign is practically a must. To help get you started, we rounded up three of our favorite New Year’s emails from the past few years that evaluate the ending year and look ahead to what’s next. Take a look at these notable emails for some fresh inspiration.


This email looks like it could have been sent by a long-distance family member. Wishing readers a Happy New Year followed by the team photo, it has a sincere feel that lends credence to their “thank you.” All of this goes along with the fact that they are a small batch manufacturing company going for a family feel with customers.

Grovemade Email


Sticking to grey and white allows the stats to take all the attention, and big numbers make it clear and easy to understand. Certain statistics preserve a personal, family feel (“1 baby added to our family”). Featuring this year’s “Best Sellers” is a good segue to promoting product, and the very end of the email hints at what’s coming next.

Ugmonk Email


Isn’t this fun board game look unique and appealing? It creatively traces last year’s progress, showing highlights from the past year in a way readers can visualize. Different spaces on the board show “favorite moments,” leading right into the new year! This is a clever way to lead readers to “Look back” in more detail on their website.

Big Cartel Email

That concludes this roundup! We sincerely hope these emails inspire you to come up with your own fresh ideas to help you engage with readers and show them how your product or service will help their endeavors in the new year. Thank you for reading, and please let us know in the comments below how these have helped you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us here at Barton Interactive.