Black Friday Email Inspiration

Black Friday Email Inspiration

Black Friday Email Inspiration

November 17, 2017 Zack Barton No Comments Business Design Email

Inspiration for Your Black Friday Email Campaign

It’s that time of year again. If you run an e-commerce business, then you’re focused on one thing heading into this week, and it’s not turkey and pumpkin pie.

You’re getting ready for the two biggest shopping holidays of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

(Okay, you can think about turkey and pie too.)

The great thing about this coming weekend is that your business has the potential to hit some of its best numbers for the year. The challenge is that you’re competing with everyone else for attention and sales.

Sending out an eye-catching, creative email campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be at the top of your marketing strategy this week. Many shoppers prefer to shop online for both of these holidays, which is great news for e-commerce businesses.

We’ve collected our top 10 favorite Black Friday email campaigns from last year in hopes that some of these examples will provide you with inspiration for your own Black Friday email campaign.


Casper’s campaign design is clean, clever, and captivating. The graphic of phone’s alarm clock naturally engages the eye and evokes the common experience of being pestered in the morning before presenting the discount as the resolution to that problem. This design really stood out in the crowd for us, especially after seeing their follow up email.

Casper Black Friday Email

Casper Black Friday Email


This black and white design is bold, yet simple, and easy for the eye to digest the important information at the top of the ad. The high-quality product image stands out against the stark background and looks celebratory and classy.

Crate and Barrel Black Friday Email


Here we see that a simple, two-toned, text-based design with no images can still be attractive and effective. The dark grey background and serif fonts used for the numbers bring a classic, vintage feel to the design, and the straight-forward verbiage makes it easy for the viewer to understand the sale promotion.

Joie Black Friday Email


Levi’s uses animated gifs frequently in their emails, and we think this flashing gold gif animation brings a fun element to the design. The lifestyle image of the young couple and the large, bold text combine to create a modern, upscale feel.

Levis Black Friday Email


This email puts the unadorned product front and center—and it is a thing of beauty. The stylized text and textured background create a unique backdrop for the stunning black watch. (And the message is funny.)

Casper Black Friday Email


Old Navy’s use of bright, vibrant colors is always a feast for the eyes. The youthful colors and candy-stripe patterns beside friendly lifestyle photos create a happy, festive air to this sale email.

Old Navy Black Friday Email


This Black Friday email is adorable. Who doesn’t love looking at cute penguins in fun outfits arranged in a “Brady Bunch”-style frame, with lyrics set to the tune of the classic TV theme song? If you have a talented illustrators available (*ahem*), you might want to think about taking a similar approach with your Black Friday email.

Penguin Black Friday Email


We love everything about this email. Both the sale offer and the design are simple and to the point. The sleek product image harmonizes well with the large, sans-serif fonts and the colorful ornaments give the email a friendly feel.

Starry Black Friday Email


The use of black, gold, and white in this design create a classic, timeless look. The word “Black” in gold, scripted font forms a subtle contrast that draws the eye, and the white space causes the product image to pop.

UGG Friday Email


Bright red, light grey, and white in this email bring a festive, holiday spirit to the design. The beautiful product images and serif fonts create a high-quality, elegant feel. (And if you happen to sell candy, it’s a great idea to put that product first!)

Williams Sonoma Black Friday Email

We hope this list has given you some fresh ideas for your Black Friday email campaign—and above all, that your business has an amazing holiday weekend!

Got any other great Black Friday email examples or ideas to share? Need help coming up with your design? We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email or comment below.